This is an on-going project which looks at symbolism and the spiritual journey - which the title is a reasonably well known reference to.  The over-arching concept echoes my artist statement in terms of considering that the way we make sense of things is restricted by the use of the tools we have at our disposal and our current understanding of those tools.  This project will ultimately be a work consisting of 49 images - 7 sets of 7.  Seven is chosen as it is a very signficant number in symbolism.  Each set will represent a single colour of the rainbow - again a set of 7 colours - with each colour being symbolic in its own right.  Each set is based on an image of a symbolic object (in the case of the above three, clouds, stairway and bridge).  I take a single random 1 pixel deep line from each image and create a set of seven digital line 'paintings'.  These are representative of the make up of each object which we either don't see or choose not to - the things the world is made up of which we are not conscious of.  I then build a mandala using each base image.  The mandala is a significant spiritual symbol in bhuddism and hinduism and represents the universe.  This is a reference to the spiritual belief of 'oneness' and the idea that we are all part of the same thing.  I then take the original image and set it within a copy of itself - as if suggesting a doorway or passage to another world (this is a common theme in alot of my work).  Copies of three of the single pixel paintings are then shown as if popping out from the inner image - again a reference to there being more to something than meets the eye - that we have to delve deeper.  The final image is of a road or street in black and white - representing the road less travelled - with a 'hole' in the road opening up to reveal the mandala created for the series, indicating a turning on that road to spiritual enlightenment.