This is a small sample of images from a project based on the theme of my practice and a long held interest in abstract art and abstract expressionism in particular.  Photography means 'painting with light'.  These images are multi-layered digital manipulations of my own photographs.  Each layer is a re-arrangement - in abstract form - of the light 'painted' when the original image was captured.  The original image is our camera's representation of how our own brains have interpreted the light received by our eyes.  The camera is already an iteration away from what we 'see', and different cameras can 'see' the same thing uniquely.  Perhaps our brains do too.  My practice postulates alternative 'realities'.  Each 'painting' symbolises the possibility of multi-layered, multi-faceted alternative perceptions and understandings of the world(s) around us; encouraging the viewer to consider the possibility of alternatives to their own views on other issues beyond the visual.