"Ice Cream Sunday"

My practice has its roots in street and documentary photography. With the images I create, I try to not just to present a pictorial record, but to identify and represent the dynamic I feel within my surroundings. More often than not, this presents itself as the lines and colours of the everyday, or the relationship between people and their environment. I work in both colour and black and white – sometimes separately, sometimes together, depending on how the scene resonates with me emotionally.


As my work has evolved, I have used image manipulation, video and the written word to explore beyond the narrative defined by the ‘straight from camera’ photographs to create imagined worlds and abstractions from concepts such as spirituality and symbolism. My more recent work features digitally 'painted' images which 're-configure' the light from my own photographs - as painted by my camera - and presents that original subject as a set of abstract layers, reflecting the possibility of alternative interpretations/perceptions/imaginings of the subject.  


The common thread through all my work is a determination to work with colour (or lack of) to create a strong aesthetic, whilst exploring alternative views and challenging established ‘truths’, so that in a broader sense, we might learn to understand and accept our differences - and contribute to the greater good.  I also work on other projects which combine media.  These can be found at



Al Clark obtained an MA in Visual Art: Fine Art (Digital) from Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London. He has exhibited in London, Guernsey, Cayman Islands and Mexico.  He is also a member of the Baby Forest creative colony.